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Five Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors for Businesses

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Many businesses use automatic doors for their customers’ benefit or to allow employees have access to private areas of the building. For customer use, the doors are in the front of a building, but for employee access, they may be located within the building or at the back of it, to allow trucks to deliver merchandise without being exposed to the elements. Here are five benefits of installing automatic doors at your business.

Use Less Energy

When automatic doors are installed at customer or employee entrances, they can help companies save money because they allow less cooled or heated air to escape. Manual doors can sometimes get stuck open or they may be propped open and forgotten, allowing the loss of too much energy. Since automatic doors only open when triggered by someone’s presence and then close after the person steps inside the building, the doors cannot be left open by accident, so heated or cooled air cannot escape accidentally.

Convenient Service

Whether a customer is carrying out groceries or an employee is bringing heavy boxes into the warehouse, automatic doors are a necessary convenience. Because the doors open automatically, loads do not have to be balanced or put down in order to manually open a door. They also allow customers with prams or who are disabled to have enough room to enter your business to buy what they need.

Comply with Regulations

Having automatic doors installed at public businesses complies with the law. A business is required to be accessible to the public, which includes visitors of all ages and of all physical abilities. The law states that all visitors should be able to easily, comfortably, and safely enter your building to conduct business. If your company is in the market for automatic doors for its locations, click here for Attenboroughdoors.

Provide Security

By installing high-speed automatic doors, your building and employees will be more secure because the doors will close quickly after someone enters. If merchandise is being delivered to the warehouse, the doors will open to admit trucks or forklifts then quickly close to prevent others from entering behind them. In addition, high-speed doors also keep rain, snow, and high winds from getting into the building and getting floors or merchandise wet.

A Variety of Door Designs

Companies who manufacture business doors offer a wide range of automatic door varieties. Automatic doors come in the following types:

  • Sliding doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Swinging doors

Along with those which are installed at the front entrances of buildings, automatic doors can also be installed at garage or warehouse entrances. They can also be designed with windows, to allow drivers of vehicles to see inside the building to prevent running over merchandise, other vehicles, or people.

A door company can assess your needs and recommend door products to help your business comply with the law and provide a convenient service to your customers. They can help you choose the designs and door speed which will work best for your company’s needs. Automatic doors provide the security your company needs to protect its assets.


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