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The Importance of Lifts in a Building

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In the past, stairs were the only way that a person could reach the above storeys of a property and this may be great for the health but it is hardly a cost-effective or time-saving option with many buildings now reaching 10 storeys and higher. A large multi-storey commercial building is now not only benefited from a lift but all but required to have one due to the nature of business and how critical each moment saved can be for a company’s bottom line. In addition, clients absolutely do not appreciate being made to climb several flights of stairs to arrive at a meeting on the fourth storey.


The biggest and most important benefit of lifts is that they offer a much-increased rate of efficiency throughout the building. If you have more than one, members of your staffing may move down to the third floor while others move upward to the sixth and beyond, effectively increasing efficiency around the building. A lift can also easily carry multiple staff members, guests, and clients at once and to multiple floors in a single trip to ensure that no one is left behind to waste precious company time.

Space Saving

In the past, entire sections of a building’s blueprint would require space set aside for full staircases and more to be installed. However, a lift can move easily using only a single shaft that can move vertically at a steady pace and this is particularly the case with lifts designed to move quickly and hold only a few passengers. This should allow you to create a clean, crisp appearance for your building and ultimately give off a more professional appeal to those moving in and out of the building.

Ease of Maintenance

When looking for the top lift services, contact RJ Lift Services, especially if you want your lifts to remain well maintained and in good repair throughout the fiscal year. After all, all machines require some level of maintenance but allowing a reputable company to perform yours should open up more time for other critical components of running and managing your company. Having a trained team on hand to help with maintenance will also keep everyone in the building safer and more at ease, especially if you consider what might happen if you are not up to date with your lift servicing.


If you own a large building, it is likely that a large number of people occupy it at any point in the day, meaning that rushing up or down the stairs can cause quite the hazard. The last thing that a building manager might want is for someone to sustain an injury by tripping on his or her way up or down the stairs, especially with a long way down to fall. Installing a lift can reduce the risk of fall injuries and allow anyone in the building to remain safer in all instances.

No matter the reasons why you choose to install a lift, it is one convenience that will improve your business on many levels. Your employees, guests, and clients alike will be glad for your decision to offer them this efficient method of travel.

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