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What is Local Law 26? New Sprinkler Law to Ensure Safety

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Prevention is better than cure and this motto is taken very seriously by the New York fire Law enforcement. New York is popular amongst the world due to its high-rise building and an amazing infrastructure. This city is a place of glitz and glamour but also one of the strictest places to follow rules and regulations. After the tragic incident of 9/11, the city officials have made numerous laws to prevent such occurrences and the Local Law 26 is one of the many to be rigorously followed by all inhabitants of the city. Before going any further let’s look at the introduction of this infamous law.


Local Law 26 ensures the safety of citizens by enforcing the owners of the large building to plant fire preventive sprinklers throughout their building. The building exceeding 100 feet is eligible for such preventions and the owners are to submit a compliance letter stating their agreement to such cause. The need for this law rose after the unforgettable 9/11 incident and the law enforcement was forced to revise the current measures to ensure maximum protection of the locals. The law was introduced in 2004 and all new owners of the building and the developers were enforced to follow the preventive steps. Old building owners were given grace time to implement all the required measures and the personnel is to get these modifications done before mid of 2019. Interim reports for the un-upgraded buildings are to be submitted before 1stJuly 2018 to ensure total awareness of this new regulation.

Eligibility Criteria:

These are some of the things to check when going for sprinkler installation. If these criterions are met then your building falls in the eligible category to follow the LL26.

  1. The buildingexceeds 100 feet limit.
  2. The building is listed as a business hub or overly populated space.
  3. The building lacks sprinkler system.

These small list of criterions are paramount when checking for the compliance of Local Law 26 and all the building owners and architects are advised to follow through with the specified requirements before the deadline. Historical landmarks and unique infrastructures are exceptions to this rule if the sprinkler systems negatively affect the actual building. Such owners are to obtain a legal waiver warrant stating that the building is ineligible to accommodate such changes. These laws are introduced to save lives because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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