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Why Plantation Shutters Make for the Ideal Shading Solution

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Every UK homeowner is faced with the choice of screening for their home, and there are a number of ways to provide seclusion and shading on your windows and doors. Curtains are very bulky and are high maintenance items that look rather clumsy, and roller blinds do little to add visual appeal, yet plantation shutters tick all the boxes, and with a choice of seasoned timber or composites, it is easy to find the perfect arrangement for your interior.

Limitless Colour Options

Whether you opt for seasoned hardwood – which can be either painted or stained – or a composite material like PVC or MDF, the colour choices are virtually unlimited, which ensures you will be able to match the existing decor. If you are looking for window and door shutters in Blackpool, for example, there is an established provider with many years of hands-on experience fabricating and fitting customised plantation shutters along the Flyde Coast. One really must deal with experts when ordering blinds, and off the shelf solutions most definitely do not apply, as each unit should be tailored to fit the opening. As every unit is tailored to fit the opening, it matters not the size or shape of your windows and doors, and even French doors and bay windows can be fitted with plantation shutters.

Adjustable Slats

This is what makes plantation shutters so versatile, as it is possible to adjust the slat angle, which gives you total screening and shading control. With the slats closed, you also have an additional barrier between you and the outside, which provides extra thermal and sound insulation, and regarding home security, plantation shutters are an added deterrent to any would be intruder.

Easy to Clean

Once fitted, plantation shutters are very easy to keep clean, requiring only a wipe with a damp cloth every now and then, and composite materials do not gather so much dust, making them much easier to clean. A feather duster once a week is all your new shutters require to keep them looking like new, and with a state of the art mechanism, adjustment has never been easier.

Versatile and Functional

Plantation shutters give you an unprecedented level of shading and screening, and as each panel can operate independently, you can create the perfect combination of visibility and seclusion. No other screening system allows you to see outside while not being visible, which is ideal for properties that are facing a street. In the summer evenings, opening a few panels will give you a comfortable level of ventilation, and in the winter, closing all the shutters helps keep the heat in. Exterior noise will be significantly reduced, and if you are a shift worker, plantation shutters will give you a tranquil sleep at any time of day.

There are so many benefits with made to measure plantation shutters, which makes for a very attractive alternative to those blinds or curtains, and with your choice of materials and colour, you really can’t go wrong.

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