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Why Walk in Showers have become a More Popular Option for the Modern Home

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Gone are the days when showers were simply comprised of a shower head, tiling, and a drain. Showers nowadays are much more than that, and a lot of homeowners are paying more attention to detail when they install or build their shower areas. There are now a variety of styles when it comes to shower enclosures, and one particular style has outshone most: the walk in shower. Walk in showers are more popular than ever, for many reasons. Here’s why walk in showers have become a more popular option for the modern home.

The minimalist appeal

Walk in showers are designed in such a way that they have a seamless look – most walk in showers are frameless enclosures without any apparent metal parts and rails. They are often just comprised of clear glass panels, and this appeals to many modern homeowners who are striving for a more minimalist look. A bathroom with a walk in shower looks less cluttered and more organised, and the feeling of spaciousness is enhanced since there are no visual breaks or barriers. If the shower is placed where it can be easily seen, it can also serve as a unique focal point in the bathroom.

A safer shower for everyone

For families with small children and elderly family members, walk in showers have proven to be a much safer option. They are safer because (1) they have fewer parts which are moving and which have the risk of breaking, making everyone safer when they use it, and (2) they are easier to get into; there are no barriers or awkward thresholds that users need to climb or step over. The difference in level of the shower from the floor is not uncomfortable, and in some cases, is non-existent.

An easier clean

The typical walk in shower will be made up of glass panelling without any doors, so it’s automatically easier to clean. The smooth surfaces of the walk in shower make for easier cleaning, and there are fewer corners where mould and mildew can build up. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with too many metal pieces or parts which can also accumulate dirt and grime. One tip: to ensure that the glass panels stay clean and spotless, wipe them down after every shower; this only takes a few minutes but the results are worth it.

Walk in showers come in different sizes and designs, and you have several options when it comes to their set-up as well. You can choose to have a shower tray for better drainage, or you can simply make use of tiling for the floor, so the entire shower area is flat. If you’re looking for a minimalist shower design that’s also quite functional and attractive, then a walk in shower is for you.

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